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April 18, 2024

Mini-courses Now Available for FREE!!

As a USCCA Official Partner, we are going to start teaching courses for FREE!! This main goal for these classes are educate the public and have […]
October 1, 2020

VFT Mission Statement

This mission of Vigilant Firearms Training is to create a responsible armed community through SAFE, CALM, and EFFECTIVE education and training.
October 1, 2020

VFT Company Values

Integrity  Honor   Excellence Quality Integrity – We must be focused on the truth, the right way to do things, and what is best for the […]
October 1, 2020

VFT Beginnings and Overview

Overview of the company. In 1995, I received a US Military Conceal Carry license which allowed me to conceal carry for military purposes under military orders. […]
March 22, 2020

Does federal jurisdiction override state jurisdiction in regards to gun laws? New Jersey case studies

All of these were written someone online and I can’t find the original text. It does show you how a state can ruin lives with their […]
March 22, 2020

Shoot one round or more to defend yourself?

Quick note – I can’t remember where I got this from, but it generally reflects my experience and training when it comes to the question, when […]
December 9, 2019

3 Ways to Make A Difference: Changing The World With Political Awareness

This article was originally written by It’s easy to feel powerless given our politics today. It feels like the media, big money and the elite […]
December 5, 2019

Constitutional Carry – “Keith, what is your opinion?”

While teaching Concealed Carry Classes, this questions comes up a lot!  It can take different choices of words but generally, it comes across as, what do […]
September 22, 2019

1986 Miami FBI Shootout Lessons

For those of you who have taken a class with me, I often refer to a famous 1986 Miami shootout between FBI agents and bank robbers […]
June 19, 2019

Demystifying the AR-15

Beloved by many, despised by many others, the AR-15 is the most controversial firearm in America. The gun’s notoriety primarily stems from its use in some […]
May 30, 2019

5 Tips for Safe Concealed Carry

Millions of Americans have made the decision to take their personal security into their own hands by carrying a concealed firearm. Though the specific motivations undoubtedly […]
May 22, 2019

The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules, Plus a Few More You Should Follow

Protecting myself and those I care about is what first interested me about firearms. Given my goal of being more safe in more situations, it’d be […]