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At Vigilant Firearms Training, we combine our experienced instructors with first class courses to provide you with safe and effective training in a calm environment.  We also provide New Mexico Department of Public safety certified concealed handgun license training.

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Our Instructors

Keith Kolb | Owner & Instructor

Keith Kolb is a former military aircraft weapons technician and aerial gunner. He has 20+ years of military experience instructing on the operation and maintenance of large weapons to include 105 MM , 40MM, 20MM along with crew served weapons such as the .50 caliber machine gun, the 7.62 minigun, the M60 machine gun, and the M240 machine gun. Keith is certified by the NRA as a range safety officer and instructor to include the Refuse to be a Victim seminar. He is certified by the USCCA to teach most courses available by the USCCA.

Contact Keith: [email protected]

Steve Armijo | Instructor

Steve Armijo has over 50 years shooting experience using a variety of firearms. His family instructed him in the need to respect firearms, people, and emphasized the proper use and care of firearms. As an avid shooter, he has done IDPA and competitive shooting through SASS.
Through the NRA he is a certified instructor and as a range safety officer. Steve is committed to continuing his education to provide instruction in classes designed for women only, i.e. Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals, Refusing To Be A Victim, and Personal Protection In The Home.
Not only does his background include certification as an instructor, but he is a certified gunsmith and FFL licensed dealer.

Contact Steve: [email protected]

Rhynda "Storm" Stephens | Instructor

Rhynda "Storm" Stephens grew up handling guns from the time she was seven. Her parents taught her the respect and care that was critical to ensuring safety and sent her through Hunter Safety when she was ten. As an adult, she spent some time as a Correction's Officer. Storm has extensive experience as an instructor for adults and has a knack for putting even the most timid of beginners at ease. She believes that women, in particular, should know how to defend themselves and how to handle a firearm safely.

Contact Storm: [email protected]