Vigilant Firearms Training

Vigilant Firearms Training LLC is dedicated to educating the public. Firearms training is one of the most effective ways to increase your personal protection and defense capability.

We provide a calm and safe environment for anyone to learn personal defense skills using the best available technology and training. Courses include classroom work along with shooting exercises on the Del Norte Gun Club Range in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We also offer Concealed Carry classes each month which include the 2 day initial training, 2 year refresher training, and 4 year renewal training. Private and group classes also available.

Keith Kolb

Owner & Instructor

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Refuse to be a victim Seminar

The Refuse to be a Victim seminar is a 4 hour crime prevention course which presents a variety of information...

Basic Gun Safety Course

This is a 2 hour seminar in the classroom only. Students will be taught the basic rules of gun safety for many...

Concealed Carry License Course

This is a 15 hour - 2 day course using USCCA course materials. Students should expect to shoot approximately...

USCCA Home Defense Course

This is an 8 hour classroom and range course using USCCA courseware materials. Students will learn how to...

Court Ordered Gun Safety Training

Court Ordered Gun Safety training is usually 2 hours minimum. We use the Basic Gun Safety course as a basis for this training...

Don't just take our word for it...
  • Adrian T.
    Keith runs a great class. the class is very informative and you leave feeling more confident knowing how to shoot and handle a firearm safely. Keith definitely provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students of all different levels. I would definitely recommend vigilant firearms training to everyone I know.
    Adrian T.
  • Shawn H.
    I found the class to be informative and enjoyable. Your instruction helped relay the important information in an enjoyable fashion. I am considering your future defense class later this year as well.
    Shawn H.
  • Shannon G.
    Keith Kolb is an EXCELLENT instructor: informative, patient, knowledgeable and pleasant. Highly recommend!
    Shannon G.
  • Carol U.
    Attended a Women Only Class taught by Keith Kolb. Great teacher, very respectful. Lots of interesting ideas and helpful advice. I will take more classes from him.
    Carol U.
  • Gary C.
    Customer Service, Other, Quality, Timeliness Excellent instructor, covered everything in great detail!!!
    Gary C.
  • Tony C.
    VIGILANT FIREARMS TRAINING - Keith Kolb - AWESOME !!! Great Instructor - Great Information - Great Insights ! Can't say enough about how much we appreciate Keith's GRASP of the topics covered - and his APPROACH to the training offered. He has made himself available - even beyond his training class - to ensure that we're responsibly providing protection - in a safe and competent manner. Again & Again - THANK YOU Keith Kolb !  
    Tony C.
  • Martin T.
    I will definitely come back to recert in the future and would recommend anybody to take this ccw class.
    Martin T.
  • Karen B.
    I set out to gather information and learn more about guns to conquer my fear of guns all together. Keith was amazingly down to earth and allowed me to express my nervousness. He adjusted the class to help me let go and relax... that's when brilliant things happened... I was washed over with so much education that I took myself back to the gun range the very next day and unloaded 200 rounds all alone. I felt safe and fine alone with my hand gun that I can clean and adapt to. I am no longer an endangered Native woman. I am an educated inner-beautiful woman with the right to live as all Americans do.
    Karen B.
  • Michael A.
    Great class, very informative and hands on instruction to properly handle a fire arm (specifically hand guns). This class is imperative to understand NM laws and how they affect your person inside and outside your home. I feel 10 times more confident now to carry because of this class.
    Michael A.
  • Lauren Chavez
    My husband, friend, and I just finished our USCCA CCW Instructor course, with Keith Kolb. Keith was EXCELLENT. I've had my CCL for ~10 yrs, and, this course taught me more than I had ever known! Keith is a professional, and cares very sincerely about his students' learning! We all plan to continue MORE training, with him!
    Lauren Chavez
  • Ash W.
    Probably one of the best courses I have been to. Not only did we learn a lot from our instructor but he encouraged cross talk among the students so we can learn from one another. His expertise was apparent when we were going through the coursework and out at the range. I would happily take another class with him in the future. I look forward to putting these new skills to use within my business.
    Ash W.
  • Rick O.
    I attended the 9-10 June 2018 USCCA Handgun Instructor Course. The facility and amenities were excellent. The presentation and caliber of instruction was impressive. Keith is extremely knowledgeable of the material and conveys it in an extremely professional manner. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
    Rick O.
  • Jason L.
    It was a great class you can never stop learning. Who ever wants to be an instructor for USCCA sign up today.
    Jason L.
  • Denise Montoya
    I took a basic gun safety course from Keith and was extremely impressed with his style of instruction. Everyone remained calm, safe and energized. When we finished, I believe I have a greater understanding of our responsibilities as gun owners.
    Denise Montoya
  • Lee G.
    This was one of the best CHL classes I have attended. Good instruction and excellent range time needed for a renewal of my current DHL.
    Lee G.
  • Karen D.
    Best educational investment ever... I need to attend another class soon! Keith ran a great class.
    Karen D.
  • Ron A.
    On my first go around with obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit the whole experience was quite different. I had the feeling I was in the military. There was a lot of yelling on the range and if you made a mistake you were gone. If you had the wrong equipment you were gone. With Vigilant Firearms, at Full Metal Jacket the experience was quite different. While range safety was a priority, it was done in a friendly non combative nature. If you needed a holster, ammo or a piece to shoot with they had them. Water no problem. I would highly recommend these folks for gun safety and a concealed carry if you are so inclined.
    Ron A.
  • Ronald A.
    One of the most organized group of instructors on the range that I have ever seen!
    Ronald A.
  • Rhynda Stephens
    Just completed an Instructor course with Keith. I am not certified to teach Concealed Carry classes. Keith is extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic Instructor!
    Rhynda Stephens
  • Darryl Dunlap
    I've attended many training courses throughout my life and this was one of the best, if not the best. Keith is very knowledgeable, answered every question in a clear, concise manner and demonstrated true expertise. The USCCA Instructor course is a great course, with very thorough content. The range exercises were conducted in a safe and good manner. The classroom portion was done very well, keeping all students engaged and interested. I won't hesitate to take further training from Vigilant Firearms Training, as well as highly recommend them to potential students. Thanks for an excellent and thorough course.
    Darryl Dunlap